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Give and get free stuff.

Freeya makes giving and getting free stuff simple. No more dealing with flakes. No more hauling bags to the donation site. Freeya helps you free anything and everything.

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Your stuff makes you feel good. Until it doesn't. That's where Freeya comes in!

Freeya is the premium free exchange marketplace, where you can quickly and reliably get rid of the stuff that's cluttering your life.

Freeya makes it easy for people to exchange things without all the hassle of texting with people endlessly trying to arrange a pickup. Feel good knowing that your stuff is going to a good home.

Free up your time.
Free up your space.
Free up your wallet.


How it Works

Imagine if all you had to do to get rid of that bag of kids clothes was take a quick picture on your phone, click a couple of buttons, then set it on your porch? That's what Freeya promises.

Post items on our feed just like you would post a picture on Instagram. If you have a porch, you can set it outside on your porch and we'll take care of the rest. If you don't have a porch or you can't set the item outside for some reason, that's okay too, you can request a call ahead of time.

Neighbors who are nearby can get alerts when you post something, so you'll always know that your neighbors will have first dibs. If the item is already outside then neighbors can swing by and pick it up all via the app, in the same way that you might have your groceries or pizza delivered.

App Launch, Giveaways and Promotions

The Freeya app will be launching sometime in early August. For the first few months of the launch we'll be working with local businesses in the Portland, OR area to promote the app. Look for special offers and giveaways from your favorite local coffee shops, bike shops, flower shops, hardware stores, and more!

In addition to partnering with local Portland businesses, we'll also be giving away several large ticket items as a way to promote the app. Users of the app will automatically be entered to win some of the following items some time in August and September.

Some Portland live events that we'll be hosting this summer:

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Andrea KChief Marketing Officer / Founder

Andrea herds the cats.


Eric FChief Technical Officer

Eric bosses servers around.


Bryan KChief Executive Officer / Founder

Bryan makes more work for the rest of the team.


Monica SCommunity Outreach

Monica finds us new friends.

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