Freeya for Business and Nonprofits

Freeya for Businesses and Nonprofits

Freeya can help you gain customers, add value to a side hustle, address overstock issues or help fulfill your mission statement.

Businesses and organizations are leveraging Freeya to achieve their goals. We'd love to help you find the best fit for your business or organization. To schedule a private consultation or to learn more, please email

Solabee Flowers & Botanicals + Freeya Partnership

Solabee is a locally owned florist and nursery with two brick and mortar locations in Portland, OR. Solabee was one of our launch partners that posted plants as part of our promotion and later used Freeya to find homes for their "lovable losers." Both interactions gained Solabee additional sales and foot traffic.

Easy Street Records + Freeya Partnership

Easy Street is an independent record store in West Seattle. Since 1988, they've been serving up performances, vinyl, compact discs and even coffee, beer and wine! Freeya sponsored several free records posts, and ESR did a great job of hyping on their social channels. It's clear that they love free just as much as we do.

Heart Coffee

Portland, OR

Heart Coffee + Freeya Partnership

Our partners at Heart Coffee created the Freeya Blend in 8oz bags of whole bean coffee. Users claimed their coffee on Freeya, and while they were in the cafe, you better believe they sampled pastries and barista beverages!

Hankins Hardware

Portland, OR

Hankins Hardware + Freeya Partnership

We partnered with Hankins Hardware in Portland, OR during the initial app launch. Hankins happens to be our neighborhood hardware store, so we were excited to partner with them. The staff at Hankins selected overstock items to post on the app during slow days, and Freeya supported them by purchasing these items at wholesale price. #cooltools

Rebuilding Center

Portland, OR

Rebuilding Center + Freeya Partnership

Rebuilding Center is both a nonprofit and retail store. We partnered with RBC to sponsor a furniture refinishing class which aligns with both of our missions to foster reuse. We also partnered with them in their retail space where they posted items from the shop on Freeya. RBC now has a tool in their toolbox to help them with excess inventory.


world wide web influencer

@PNWREFURBISHED + Freeya Partnership

Courtney is using Freeya to support her furniture refurbishing business. She can find pieces on Freeya, refurbish and resell. Freeya is helping her increase her margins and access pieces that are ready for a new life

Neva Nez Vintage

Milwaukie, OR

Neva Nez Vintage + Freeya Partnership

Neva Nez Vintage posted coffee mugs from their shop in Milwaukie Floral. Not only did Freeya users get their choice of vintage vessels, they also got the chance to peruse and purchase from Neva Nez's beautiful collection.

Rose Haven

Portland, OR

Rose Haven + Freeya Partnership

Rose Haven is a Day Shelter in Portland that serves thousands of clients every month. Rose Haven often has donations that they can't accept. It's no fun to turn them away, so now they can redirect those unneeded donations to Freeya. Everyone walks away feeling a little better. Finally, Rose Haven can use Freeya to find items they need for their clients, for free.

Sad Face Ceramics + Freeya Partnership

Sad Face Ceramics used Freeya to drive traffic to their booth at The Georgetown and SODO flea markets in Seattle. This was a dream collaboration for both startups to give each other a leg up.

Compass Realty

Seattle, WA

Compass Realty + Freeya Partnership

Jessie Culbert Boucher was one of our first users in the Seattle community! As a long-time realtor, she quickly identified how useful Freeya would be for her clients. We published Jessie’s tips for moving out, staging a home and moving into a new home. The content was so well received by both of our communities and now serves as a resource for everyone.

Let's work together to support your business with Freeya!! We're all ears.
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