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Issue #03


  • New friends! These two had a super fun weekend thanks to their #foundonfreeya play cruiser!
  • Who finally got that Montgomery Ward vintage electric chainsaw? We're dying to shelf or active duty?
  • Did you give something a new home this week? We're into show and tell! You can find us on social @freeyamarketplace #foundonfreeya

Prizes and Giveaways and Free Stuff, Oh my!

You're looking at the Mocca Master herself! Lena took home this hella cool coffee maker. Her dog was really excited about it too. Lena was entered to win simply by posting and picking up free stuff in the app. Seriously! And there is still plenty of time for you to win amazing free, a car.

Co-founder, Andrea with Lena and lady's best friend.
Around HQ, we call this the Freeya Car. We're very ready to call this your car! Details here.
This chainsaw is going to look so much better in your hands than in mine!

Are y'all liking the *new* stuff in your feed? We are too! We're rounding out the final weeks of this group of business partnerships (don't worry, we'll have more to come)! So be sure to claim those succulents you've been eyeing!

Why's she always finding stuff!? Thanks Gurton's!

Map View

Did you know you can view your Freeya feed in map format!? You can! Just tap the icon to the left of the mochi menu to change how you experience Freeya items.

Did You Know!? TLDR

  1. Standard Pick-Up. This is the "set it and forget it" option. The poster sets the item outside and someone comes to scoop it at their convenience. For retrievers, this means that as soon as you tap the Pick Up button, you have two hours to make it to the item before it goes back up on the feed, available again to the masses. Only one retriever has access to the item so you can be more certain that if you head out to retrieve something, it will be there for you.
  2. Contact Required Pick-Up. This is the "scheduled pick-up" option. You have an item that needs to stay inside, or you don't want to set it outside indefinitely. Contact Required pick-ups simply mean that poster and retriever will interact with each other on a minimal basis to schedule a mutually agreed upon time. The app handles the scheduling to alleviate long, logistical conversations between parties.
  3. Free For All. This is what it sounds like. You have a free pile on the curb that is meant for more than one person. Ie) You have an excess of wood chips that a single person doesn't necessarily want in it's entirety. With this option, more than one person will be able to retrieve the item/s. Either the poster or the retriever may update the status of the Free For All pile in the app. For example if you take the last of the chips or notice all the chips have been taken, you can indicate that the items are gone (and that is encouraged!).
Example of a Standard Post. Notice the simple "Pick Up" button.

What’s coming?

  • Okay, if you made it this far, wow and thank you!
  • We have a new Question & Answer feature coming out next week, hopefully. This will allow you to ask each other questions about a posted item.
  • More Giveaway winners! The Husqvarna Electric Chainsaw is up next!
  • More treasures #foundonfreeya! We hope that as word spreads about FREEYA, more will join the party and get things moving off of your porches a little quicker. Tell your friends and of course, drop a note to if you’re experiencing any issues. We’re standing by!
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