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Issue #05


  • Weekend decorating for these two and their #foundonfreeya treasures.
  • Water features are good for the soul! Who's going to claim this pond form and get some lotuses and koi up in their backyard?!
  • Did you give something a new home this week? We'd love to see what you've #foundonfreeya. Find us @freeyamarketplace.
Lucky couple with some weekend Freeya finds!

Prizes and Giveaways and Free Stuff, Oh my!

Austin is ready to trim some limbs with his new electric chainsaw. He was entered to win simply by posting and picking up free stuff in the app. Seriously! And there is still plenty of time for you to win a Fender Jazzmaster and a 2013 Nissan Leaf!

Austin, ready to rock.
Car giveaway is on 10/14!!! Details here.

Post and pick-up items to be entered in the drawing. That's literally all you have to do! One entry per day. Official rules are here. This week, a lucky Freeya user will take home a buttercream Fender Jazzmaster 😍 Epic blue wallpaper not included.

Sweet, sweet Buttercream!

Did You Know!? TLDR

  1. Standard Pick-Up (aka Porch Pick-up, aka Contactless Pick-up). This is the "set it and forget it" option. The poster sets the item outside and someone comes to scoop it at their convenience. Read more here .
  2. Contact Required Pick-Up (aka Scheduled Pick-up). Use this option for items that need to stay inside or if you need to know when someone is coming to get it. Read more here .
  3. Free For All (aka The Free Pile). Use this option if you have a pile of items and don't have time to post each one individually. Or, if all items are on the side of a busy road. Read more here .
Example of a Free-for-all (aka Free Pile) pick-up. More than one user is able to select the Pick Up button.

New App Version!

  • Hot off the press! iOS 1.0.10 and Android 1.0.4 are available now. But why should you update your current version...!? Here's why!
  • Some pesky bugs have been set free and there's a new Question & Answer feature. This will allow you to ask a question about someone's item. When the person answers, it's made public.
  • Android users! It's super important for you to update your app so that you're not getting incorrect directions to your pick-ups.
  • We've made it super clear when text is clickable. Tap away!
  • You can now Save to Clipboard when selecting an address to get directions!!! (personally VERY excited about this update)!
  • (Android) Now you can tell how images will be cropped when you take or upload an image.

What’s coming?

  • The Fender Jazzmaster giveaway is on Friday! Keep posting and picking up to be entered to win. Next week, it's ELECTRIC CAR time!!!! All you have to do is post or pickup items through Freeya! No catch. Rules here .
  • Around & around & around. Keep the #foundonfreeya treasures coming!
  • Tell your friends and coworkers and of course, drop a note to if you’re experiencing any issues. We’re standing by!
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