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Issue #08
The @hypermobile.harpist makes the epic, transformational journey to bring this harp to its new home. This is my personal favorite Freeya item and story to date. Check it out, here .

Holiday Hosting 101 #foundonfreeya

First off, good for you for hosting friends, family and foes this year. It's not easy but everyone wants to have somewhere to go and be warm and loved. Freeya is here to help!

You're going to need some knives. And do you have a carving fork? I don't, despite the fact that every time the holidays roll around, my inner dialog says, 'Don't you remember carving a hot ham with a dinner fork and burning your knuckles...for the past 3 years??' Maybe this year will be different. I'll race you to the knives!!

Second, you'll need some big roasting pans. No, stop trying to roast your meats and veggies on a cookie sheet. It's foolishness. Go ahead and get these free pans.

Third, lots of people like cream in their coffee or gravy on their potatoes. What's your plan? You can do better than a cereal bowl with an oversized ladle.

Fourth and finally, your nieces and nephews are gonna want to eat snacks on your couch. Are you prepared?! Free pro-tip: Get yourself a giant tablecloth and cover your entire living room.

We know you're going to do great this holiday! We hope you can find a few nice things to make your holiday hosting a little bit smoother this year. And of course, we'd love to see how it goes! @freeyamarketplace, #foundonfreeya or send a note,!

Musical Chairs Edition! #foundonfreeya

Maybe you need some new chairs to accommodate holiday guests, or maybe you're looking for the perfect DIY holiday gift. Any upholstry apprentices out there? Show us what you've got! @freeyamarketplace, #foundonfreeya or send a note,!

Prizes and Giveaways and Free Stuff, Oh my!

Hey Seattle, you guys like music?? We know you do, thanks to the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Easy Street Records and the Experience Music Project/MoPOP Museum. Well, it's time to be on the lookout for FREE RECORD FRIDAYS, courtesy of the one and only Easy Street Records.

We're very proud to partner with West Seattle landmark, Easy Street Records!

Did You Know!?

  • NEXT WEEK, you'll have the option to pick-up/reserve multiple items at once . Let's say you want to pick up supplies for all of that holiday hosting in one fell swoop, you'll be able to reserve more than one item and plan your route!
  • You'll also have the option to extend your pick-up timeline . Let's say you are casually browsing Freeya during lunch break but you know you need more than 2 hours to score that cast iron fondue set. You'll be able to do that!

What version are we on?!

  • iOS 1.0.13 and Android 1.0.5

What’s coming?

  • SEATTLE WE'RE HERE! We are still drumming up local business partners and making sure there's lots of great FREE stuff for you to bring home. If you have friends, family, businesses we should know about, tell them AND us!
  • Look for our billboards around Seattle. We'd love to see them in the wild! Send us your pics :)
  • Need to tell us something? Reach out to!

P.S. Do you have a small business that could benefit from more foot traffic? Businesses around town are teaming up with Freeya to help do just that. Sound interesting? We'd love to meet you! Email us at

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