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Issue #09
We're back with the Room Refresh Challenge! We sourced everything for free and then called upon the illustrious Rena Lenari of The Jazz Up to work her magic. Stay tuned as we feature different rooms and show you how much you can do with FREE! A cozy home does not have to break the bank! This week, we'll take a closer look at the dining room. Read more below!

Room Refresh Challenge!

Did you know that we're giving away a beautiful, giant monstera plant to our Room Refresh Challenge winner? Post and tag your handiwork and be entered to win!

Rena Lenari of The Jazz Up, shares a few tips for decorating with free and found items.

1. All of your pieces make up a family—the old and the new-to-you. Notice here when you see the living and dining room together—they compliment each other without completely matching. You see I drew the red out from the living room rug by juxtaposing it with a more saturated dining room rug.

Two different patterned rugs can live in harmony.

2. You may be looking to make an area of a room feel more alive, or interesting. That can be a great place to bring in found pieces with texture and a story.

Here I placed a few rustic pieces with the more elegant candle holder. This is a place where you are taking off your shoes and plopping your keys—yet it still feels like a nice place to look at.

3. At the end of the day, a nicely decorated room shows a pleasant conversation between its objects—a connection where one object will support the other in its form, function, or both. Decorating with that in mind creates a flow that makes sense because it gives us a feeling of harmony.

Here you see the geometry of the black furniture lines—the chair backs, the stools and the lamp all working together.
Want to take the refresh challenge too? Show us what you've done with your Freeya finds and you'll be entered to win a giant monstera plant! @freeyamarketplace, #foundonfreeya or send a note,!

Records and Refills and Houseplants, Oh My!!

Freeya has partnered up with a few more Seattle businesses and we think you're going to get out of bed for these! Royal Records is posting Free Record Fridays all month long. Mimi's Zero Waste Market has your keys to a sustainable pantry—look for her goods on Tuesdays. And Seattle's very own Glasswing Shop is dishing out some gorgeous, unique foliage to add to your home. Surprise drops from these folks so be sure to follow us on Instagram to see when things are happening!

Follow @royalrecordshop @glasswingshop @mimiszerowastemarket and @freeyamarketplace to be in on the latest!

Saying Goodbye has never been easier!

And that's because we've revamped Freeya just a lil bit to make posting your unwanted items SUPER-DUPER-SO-FAST-SO-FUN! Here's what it looks like if you're into this sorta thing.

Did you Know?!

  • You can now pick-up/reserve multiple items at once! Spring is just around the corner, let's plan some weekend outings! You'll be able to reserve more than one item and plan your route!
  • You can extend your pick-up timeline . Let's say you are casually browsing Freeya during lunch break but you know you need more than 2 hours to score those dope vintage ceiling lights. You can do that!
  • Be sure you're on the latest version of the app and check out these and other pro-member features!

What's Coming Next?!

Hopefully a shorter newsletter next time around. For now, signing off with some snapshots from HQ. If you've made it this far, you ought to get to see who we are!

The Keyboard Jockeys keeping busy.
The Trouble-Makers stirring things up. And yes, Freeya HQ is also ChipDrop HQ!

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