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Issue #10
This week let's take a look at a nursery space fit for young kings and queens. We challenged ourselves to decorate a few rooms by sourcing everything for free. Once we had our items we called upon the illustrious Rena Lenari of The Jazz Up to work her magic. We hope you are starting to believe how much you can do with FREE! A cozy home does not have to break the bank! Read more below.

Room Refresh - The Nursery!

Rena Lenari of The Jazz Up, shares a few tips for decorating with free and found items.

1. All of your pieces make up a family—the old and the new-to-you. In the nursery, you need a calm space but it is also a joyful space—the rug helped with this. The neutral wood and walls allowed me to use some reds to add life to the quiet space.

This room was inherently filled with neutral tones. I was able to use the Freeya items to bring some vibrancy to this small space.

You may be looking to make an area of a room feel more alive, or interesting. That can be a great place to bring in found pieces with texture and a story.

Here I leaned into a quiet space but found a colorful toy to bring in an element of fun. Too many fun things can be unpleasant. Edit yourself—pull back a little and see how it feels.

At the end of the day, a nicely decorated room shows a pleasant conversation between its objects—a connection where one object will support the other in its form, function, or both. Decorating with that in mind creates a flow that makes sense because it gives us a feeling of harmony.

The canvas book display creates a little area for playing but also keeps an ever-changing book collection, organized!

Spotlight on: Taking Ownership PDX!!

Freeya has partnered with Taking Ownership PDX, an organization in Portland doing really important work within the Black community. Taking Ownership renovates and revives Black-owned homes that have requested help, with an emphasis on enabling Black homeowners to age in place, generate wealth and simultaneously deter predatory investors and realtors to deflect the gentrification process. Part of their hands-on process often involves cleaning out decades of accumulated stuff. Now they have a place other than the dumpster to give items a new life—on Freeya!

Homeowner Bettye Loving and Randal Wyatt, executive director at Taking Ownership PDX. If you're interested in getting some help or want to learn more about volunteering, you can check out opportunities on their website and follow TOPDX @takingownershippdx

Rat City Rollers! Tickets coming up in the app, starting today!

We're here for it! GO RAT CITY!

Saying Goodbye has never been easier!

And that's because we've revamped Freeya just a lil bit to make posting your unwanted items SUPER-DUPER-SO-FAST-SO-FUN! Here's what it looks like if you're into this sorta thing.

Step 1:

Step 4:

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Grocery store, swimming pool, Thorns game, making the Freeya rounds... this bag's got you covered.

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What's Coming Next?!

We've got a few app updates in the works—we're busy attempting to smooth some of those rough edges in time for Spring Cleaning. Be on the lookout for those updates plus tips and inspiration as we head into Spring!

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