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Issue #12
It's Spring Training, Spring Cleaning, Free-ya-self weekend! It's hard enough to be on time for practice. Do your future-self a favor and say goodbye to the bats, balls and bikes that don't fit anymore. You may even win a $100 to Play it Again Sports! See details and official rules below.

Spring Cleaning Giveaways with FREEYA!

It's time to free every thing ! In honor of spring and summer approaching we are giving out cheers, motivation and inspiration to get all of our respective homes cleaned up.

In honor of spring training, let's get into that sports bin and clear out the clutter. Do the shin guards still fit? We know the cleats don't. This weekend is as good a time as any to say goodbye to the too tight, and hello to the just right.

All posts made between 3/24 and 3/26 will be entered to win a $100 gift card to your Play it Again Sports! (That's right, post multiple things to be entered multiple times). See official rules for details.

Gear fitting like a glove? Or is it time to size-up? Post your outgrown gear and score some that fits just right, this weekend, and be entered to win. See official rules .

Future Spring Cleaning Giveaways:

  • Kitchen Clean-out! Freeya wants to know what's hiding in those kitchen drawers! Post your unwanted wares between 4/7 and 4/9 and be entered to win a $100 gift card to a home goods store of your choice!
  • Kondo your Closet! That's right, we're ready for your forgotten threads. Jeans don't fit? Bag 'em up and post them between 4/21 and 4/23 and be entered to win a $100 gift card to Muji !
Rain, rain we're not scared of you! Grab some of our purple bags and you can set your Freeya sports gear out with confidence. Use the Come Anytime option to set it and forget it.

Congratulations, Kate D!

Kate won a $100 gift card to Hankins Hardware for posting during our first Spring Cleaning giveaway. Who gave her Freeyas a new home?!

"I love how easy it is to give away items on Freeya. I no longer have giveaway piles taking up space. I just snap a pic and set it out on the porch. No contact (or waiting around) required!". -Kate D.

Spotlight on: A Duffle Full of Magic!!

Do you ever wonder where your stuff goes once it's magically retrieved on Freeya? I know we do! We've started reaching out to posters and retrievers of a few office faves to learn a bit more about their new homes. This week, we heard from Ponce C, one of the lucky ones who scored a duffle bag full of Magic Cards.

"I'm just getting back into Magic after I sold my whole collection several years ago. I had found a guy selling bulk cards online and I bought some, mostly low quality commons and rares. The box I got on Freeya was full of really cool cards!"

"I ended up building a bunch of decks that my girlfriend and I play together. Now I'm always refreshing the app to see if someone else is giving away more cards!"

Did you Know?!

  • Freeya relies on information from users to keep the live feed up to date. You can help your neighbors by confirming your pickups before they expire. This helps things to run smoothly, and avoids other folx trying to pick up items that have already been picked up 🤗.
  • You can get advance notice when an item from any of your saved search alerts becomes available. The Freeya Pro Membership allows you to save multiple search alerts, and as a pro member you'll be notified when they hit the feed.
  • Be sure you're on the latest version of the app and check out these and other pro-member features! Fun fact: Annual Freeya Pro Memberships come with $59 to spend on Freeya merch and supplies .
Did you confirm your pickup?! Save your neighbors the frustration of heading to an item that's no longer there!

What version are we on?!

  • iOS 1.1.1 and Android 1.0.8 (yas! yas! yas!)

What's Coming Next?!

We've got a new partnership with Root Plants in Seattle kicking off this month. And, a few exciting ones in Portland getting ready to hit next month. Keep your eyes open for all that excitement and of course, get yourself entered to win this weekend's Spring Cleaning event!

One user turned an old chest into a Freeya box! We love it! Keeps your stuff out of the elements and makes it easy to find!
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