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Issue #13
How many knives do you actually need?! This weekend we challenge you to de-clutter your kitchen junk drawer for our Spring Cleaning Giveaway. If you can't name that kitchen gadget, you don't need it! Post this weekend and you'll be entered to win a $100 gift card of your choosing for the kitchen! See details and official rules below. Photo: Amelia Stanwix

Spring Cleaning Giveaways!

We're coming for the kitchen folx! And we’re real excited about this one because victory is sure to be so sweet—imagine an organized utensil drawer?! We're here for it!

So, let's get in there...strawberry plucker? Cherry pitter? How about the ground- meat chopper? Freeya wants your wares! Post them between 4/7 and 4/9 and be entered to win a $100 gift card of choice for your kitchen. See official rules for details.

Cut your pizza twice as fast with a double slicer? And I don't even know what this other thing is! Post your extraneous wares this weekend and be entered to win. See official rules .

Future Spring Cleaning Giveaways:

  • Kondo your Closet! That's right, we're ready for your forgotten threads. Jeans don't fit? Ready to quick your cardigans? Bag 'em up and post them between 4/21 and 4/23 and be entered to win a $100 gift card to Muji !
  • What space do you need help cleaning up? Send us a note and let's make a giveaway with your theme in mind! Email .
Rain, rain we're not scared of you! Grab some of our purple bags and you can set your Freeya sports gear out with confidence. Use the Come Anytime option to set it and forget it.

Congratulations, Bat L!

Bat won a $100 gift card to Play it Again Sports for posting mad treasure this past weekend during our second Spring Cleaning giveaway. Who gave her Freeyas a new home?!

"Freeya makes it easy to find a home for the things I don't need anymore. All I have to do is snap a pic and put it on my porch! I love knowing my items are getting continued use by someone else. Free yaself!" -Bat L.

Spotlight on Root!

We are thrilled to share our latest partners, Root Plants , located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Claim some gorgeous foliage in the app and head to their beautiful shop to pick up your *free* plant! Grab yourself a cup of their world renowned coffee while you're at it! We've got three weeks left.

Free plants!

Did you Know?!

  • You can now message each other in the app during Scheduled Pickups. Look for the MESSAGE button on your Active Pickup screen!
  • You can get advance notice when an item from any of your saved search alerts becomes available. The Freeya Pro Membership allows you to save multiple search alerts, and as a pro member you'll be notified when they hit the feed.
  • Be sure you're on the latest version of the app and check out these and other pro-member features! Fun fact: Annual Freeya Pro Memberships come with $59 to spend on Freeya merch and supplies .
Heck yeah! You can message each other in the app!
Also, don't forget to confirm your pickup. Save your neighbors from heading to an item that's no longer there!

What version are we on?!

  • iOS 1.2.0 and Android 1.2.0 (yas! yas! yas!)
  • Pickup information is waaaay easier to find. And...zoom zoom you can get a real close look at where you're going.
  • In-app messaging!! Whaat?! You can message with each other during a scheduled pickup transaction.
  • Improvements on location input so you can find stuff near you. This will continue to get refined!

What's Coming Next?!

Root Plants in Seattle happening NOW! Keep a lookout for their amazing foliage each week! We're always hustling to make sure you have tons of opportunities for amazing, free stuff. Whether it's coming or going out of your life, we hope you're having fun on Freeya! And of course, don't forget to get yourself entered to win this weekend's Spring Cleaning Giveaway!

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