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Issue #18
In honor of Juneteenth and all the dad's we know and love, we're challenging you to get your grill game on. Patio chairs, charcoal briquets, bocci ball? Use it or lose it is our motto this weekend. Post and be entered to win! See details and official rules here.

Freeya Spring Cleaning Giveaway—Outdoor Entertaining!

Happy Juneteenth! Happy Father's Day! Happy win-a-$100-gift-certificate! In honor of all the barbecues about to light up this weekend, we’re challenging ourselves to get out with the old and in with the new. Whether you're entertaining or being entertained on a front porch, back patio, grassy yard, alleyway, front stoop or fence, it's time to lighten up and luck out on our outdoor entertaining supplies!

Every time you post between 6/16 and 6/19 (we're extending by a day!) you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to your local ACE hardware! See official rules for details.

Take a seat! Enjoy the view! Win a $100 gift certificate! See official rules .

Future Spring Cleaning Giveaways:

  • What space do you need help cleaning up? Send us a note and let's make a giveaway with your theme in mind! Email .
Freeya purple bags are great for sunny days too! Set your Spring Giveaway haul outside with confidence. You can use the Come Anytime pick-up option to set it and forget it!

🌷✨ Moving Day! Tips from an expert—

It’s tough to admit, or maybe just hard to identify, until—you’re moving. When faced with the reality of touching every possession—carefully placing them into a box, moving the box in and out of doorways and trucks and more doors, and then carefully taking those possessions out of their nice box—I think we can agree there is no box big enough in which to hide the truth.

And the truth is, we have too much stuff.

To help us tidy our relationship with the company we keep (we’re talking to you, Stuff) we’ve reached out for some expert advice from Jessie Culbert Boucher , a licensed real estate agent in Washington State. She’s got an intuition about manifesting a low-stress move that we just can’t replicate.

In our final episode of Moving out / Moving in, it's time to get cozy. Here are Jessie's thoughts on settling into your new place after spending all your bucks on a new set of walls.

Those fresh cut flowers from your new yard may look great in a #foundonfreeya vase!

Part 3. Moving In—Welcome home.

Ahhh, you’re all moved in and eating out of pizza boxes in your new place (or maybe that’s just me.) Whether your new home is bigger or smaller than your last one, you’ll need different stuff to configure your new space.

Adding a rolling cart to a small kitchen will give you more counter space. Find a new-to-you vintage dining set for your larger dining room or just some place settings. And find some plants that will thrive in your new spot. I love recommending Freeya to my clients who have just purchased a home. You’ve just spent all of your dollars! Now is the time to access the excess within the community–and Freeya is just such an obvious choice.

Would you look at this cutie!?

Freeya’s also got what you need to spruce up your new yard — from garden mulch to tools and mowers, and even bbqs, you’ll be ready to host your first gathering.

You may be able to find some sweet BBQ wares during this weekend's Spring Cleaning Giveaway!

Thank you Jessie for sharing your process with Freeya users. If you’re buying or selling a home, Jessie is absolutely the best at what she does. You can reach Jessie at .

If you have any questions for Jessie , feel free to reach out to her or to us!

Congratulations, Julia K

Julia says, "Freeya has been invaluable in preparing for having our first kid and in navigating early parenthood!" Thanks Julia, we're so grateful to be in this community together!

Neighborhood News - Spotlight SEATTLE!

Calling all derby fans! Seattle's Rat City Rollers have a championship Bout coming up and we want you to be there. Cheer on the Rollers and support Freeya at the same time!!! Tickets are in the app this week. You'll get some Freeya fits to go along with your tickets too! Thank you for helping us launch Freeya in Seattle :)

Home Team Championships, double-header, June 17th!!!

Did you Know?

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Also, remember when we had billboards? Yeah, me too, I miss them.


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    • FREEYA 1.3 will eat up less of your cellular data, with enhanced compression features. We know y'all have unlimited data these days, but these are the things that get us excited, so, we wanted you to know about it :nerd_face:
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    • You can now message with each other during a scheduled pickup transaction. This feature ends when your pickup window ends. If you still have details to sort out, you can simply create a new pickup during an updated time that works for you.
Freeya is at the Rebuilding Center in Portland, OR! We'll be sponsoring their July Furniture Refinishing class so be on the lookout for a free entry OR some furniture to refinish this summer! Sorry, ice cream not included.

We're always hustling to make sure you have tons of opportunities for amazing, free stuff. Whether it's coming or going out of your life, we hope you're having fun on Freeya. Don't forget to get yourself entered to win this weekend's Spring Cleaning Giveaway ! And remember to fill out this survey if you've got a moment and want to try out a free membership!

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