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Issue #19
Hold on to your handbags (...or don't)! Because this weekend we're kicking off Summer '23 with a Giveaway Bonanza. New partners, new cities and bigger giveaway prize of $$$ 250 $$$. Simply post between 6/30 and 7/2 and be entered to win! See details and official rules .

$$$250$$$ Summer Kick-off Giveaway Extravaganza!

Happy Pride! Happy Independence Day! Happy summer! We're kicking off Summer '23 with a Giveaway Bonanza. New partners, new cities and bigger giveaway prize of $$$ 250 $$$. Let's give ourselves a proper summer kick-off by saying goodbye to clutter and hello to something fresh.

As an added bonus, we are loading the feed with special treasures from some of our favorite partners. Be on the lookout for plants, records, hats, pizzas and more in Seattle, Portland and Atlanta, GA!

Every time you post between 6/30 and 7/2 you’ll be entered to win a $250 VISA gift card ! See official rules for details.

This weekend on Freeya: all the yard sale treasure, none of the early-bird drama. AND you can add to the treasure chest from the comfort of home. Post things you don't need and be entered to win a $$250$$ VISA gift card to spend on things you do need! See official rules .

Future Giveaways:

  • A big thank you to those who have sent suggestions! We're getting them cued up!
  • What space do you need help cleaning up? Send us a note and let's make a giveaway with your theme in mind! Email .
Freeya purple bags are great for sunny days too! Set your Spring Giveaway haul outside with confidence. You can use the Come Anytime pick-up option to set it and forget it!

Congratulations, Maria!

Maria won a $100 gift card to ACE Hardware this week for posting during our last giveaway. Reorganizing or revamping your workout, Maria has you covered!

Thank you, Maria!

Neighborhood News - Spotlight Doll Parts Collective!

We're so thrilled to welcome Doll Parts Collective into the Freeya family. Doll Parts is a lovely brick and mortar vintage shop in the Alaska Junction neighborhood of West Seattle. As a business, they are all about the circular economy so, round and round we go, we're thrilled to partner with them!

Talk the talk and walk the walk right on over to California Ave SW!
Look for treasures from Doll Parts during June and July 💞

*UPDATED WITH CORRECT DETAILS! We'd also like to say thanks to all of you who stopped by the Georgetown Flea Market! Did you scoop up something great? You know we'd love to see it! Missed it last weekend? No problem, Sad Face Ceramics will be at the SODO Flea Market, Saturday July 8th, and you can stop by then!

Don't mind me, I'll just be here imagining eating an egg on that sunny side up plate for the rest of the day.
Scoop it at the SODO Flea Market, Saturday July 8th!

Did you Know?

  • We're introducing ourselves to Atlanta, GA this weekend! Atlanta has a vibrant ChipDrop community and we're optimistic about growing alongside each other ( TLDR: ChipDrop is our sister organization ). To help introduce Freeya to the locals, we've partnered with Nourish Botanica in South Atlanta. They are incredible, so tell your people in Atlanta to download Freeya and claim a beautiful plant, beginning SATURDAY!!

Nourish Botanica is a floral and plant shop based in Atlanta, GA. Their forthcoming greenhouse cafe will set the stage for programming which amplifies Black voices, highlights Atlanta’s food justice organizers and farm communities, and supports the good work of organizations and leaders fighting against food and economic justice.
  • BOUNTY FOR BUGS! Many of the critical bugs in the app are found by you! So, we’re putting out a bounty for bugs! Report a bug that we end up verifying and fixing and we’ll send you the summer’s best beach bag and a free one-month membership! Simply email your discoveries to and we'll get on it.
  • Bugs not your thing? How about a survey !? We want Freeya to be the best it can be. But sometimes it's hard to see without a mirror. Would you hold up a mirror for us by answering a few questions about your time with Freeya? There's a free membership in it for you!
…You spin me right 'round, baby, right 'round,Like a record, baby, right 'round, 'round, 'round. Be on the lookout for vinyl in the feed this weekend!

We're really excited for this weekend! We hope you enjoy some throwback treasures as well as some fresh finds in the feed. Thanks for reading and for using Freeya to lighten up and luck out every now and then! Don't forget to get yourself entered to win this weekend's Giveaway Extravaganza! And remember to fill out this survey if you've got a moment and want to try out a free membership!
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