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Issue #20

A slight departure from our normally scheduled programming, we're using this opportunity to say thanks for being a member of our community, and to let you know about a few key updates.

Future Giveaways:

  • There's no giveaway planned for this coming weekend, but stay tuned for future giveaways, as we plan to do more!
  • What space do you need help cleaning? Send us a note and let's make a giveaway with your theme in mind! Email .
Freeya purple bags keep your items clean and easy to find, rain or shine!

Speaking of giveaways...

Congratulations, Matt! Matt won a $250 VISA gift card for posting during our last giveaway. Matt posted an array of cool stuff, from kids toys to designer jewelry.

Thanks, Matt!

Hello, Atlanta!

We're excited to official be live in the greater Atlanta, GA metro area. A big thank you to Nourish Botanica for helping us with our launch. More partnerships in the Atlanta area to come, so keep a look out for those if you live in the area.

Nourish Botanica is a floral and plant shop based in Atlanta, GA.

Continuing Partnerships

We're also continuing these great partnerships in other parts of the country, so keep a look out in the app depending where you live!

  • Rebuilding Center - Portland, OR
  • Doll Parts Collective - Seattle, WA

🎥 Spotlight on: Free Piles

We're starting this new section of the newsletter to highlight different features of the app that you might not know about. In this section, we're talking about Free Piles .

Free Piles have existed long before Freeya was around. Whether your neighborhood is big on free piles or not, the concept is simple: a pile of stuff, usually on the side of the road (hopefully not blocking the right of way), that anyone is welcome to browse and take from.

Free piles in the Freeya app can be used to post your stuff, or to post someone else's free pile (use the phrase 'Curb Find' in the title to indicate that it's not your stuff). Free Pile posts can also be used for something that might take a while to get rid of, like a large pile of wood chips, logs, dirt, gravel...thank kind of thing.

Facts about Free Piles in the Freeya app:

  • When you start a pickup for a free pile item, the item stays live in the feed until you indicate that there are no more left.
  • Many people can pick up a Free Pile item at the same time.
  • A free pile item might not be there when you show up, so avoid driving long distances to go and get them. They are less reliable than other pickup styles, because people may pick them up outside of the Freeya app.
  • You can use the Q&A feature on a free pile item to indicate if you pick something up from a larger pile of items.
  • Confirm your pickup in the app! Closing out your pickup before the expiration window helps keep the feed updated, and avoids frustration for other users.
Please confirm your pickup, even if you didn't pick it up!

Love them or hate them, free piles are a thing! If Free Piles aren't your jam, you can still browse for items in the app that are more rigorously monitored and scheduled. We'll talk about Come Anytime and Plan Ahead pickups in future installments.


  • The latest version of the app (1.3.1) has important fixes for some critical bugs that were found, so please make sure that you're using the latest version!
  • We've got a new version of the app in the works with fixes for a handful of other bugs that you reported. Thanks for helping us make the app the best it can be! We know that finicky software is a headache for everyone.
  • BOUNTY FOR BUGS! Many of the critical bugs in the app are found by you! So, we’re putting out a bounty for bugs! Report a bug that we end up verifying and fixing and we’ll send you the summer’s best beach bag and a free one-month membership! Simply email your discoveries to and we'll get on it.
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