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Issue #22


Here are some birthday surprises for us to celebrate together:
  • We've logged over 10k pickups. Shout-out to Eric for standing up a stellar backend all by hisself!
  • 30k+ of you have downloaded the app. Shout-out to our team at Silverpine for building this amazing little app!
  • We're building community with over 30 small businesses and non-profits across 3 cities. Shout-out to Monica for championing our purpose even before there was an app and helping small business communities thrive alongside Freeya!
  • We're so grateful to be here after an entire year and indebted to y'all, our supporters!
Prepping for Art of the Free, 2022. More on our 2nd annual Art of the Free to come!

Weekend Giveaway - Win $100 Gift Card!

Say goodbye to something from your hobby graveyard!

This week's giveaway theme is...hobbies gone hush! Freeya can be a great way to feel good about putting your hobby out to pasture, knowing that someone will get to explore...beekeeping...without making a huge $$ investment.

Not ready to set aside your candle-making supplies? That's okay! You'll be entered to win with any posts that you make during the giveaway period, this weekend (starting TODAY), between 8/18 and 8/20. See official rules for details.

This weekend on Freeya: kickstart a new hobby!

Congratulations Saara!

Saara won our Garage Sale Giveaway! Thank you for keeping the Freeya feed fresh all weekend long.

Birch sapling anyone? Congratulations and thank you, Saara!

Call for Artists!

We’re preparing for our second annual Art of the Free and are looking for local artists to feature in said, upcoming art show. Do you know anyone? Send us a message about yourself or your favorite local artist and we'll chat! Bonus points for up-cycled or found art. This is a paid request. Thanks in advance :)

Local artist David Neevel is full of ideas, and tacos!

Call for Donations!

We're looking for your unwanted stuff. 'Wait, don't you keep telling me to put my unwanted stuff on Freeya?' Yes, you can just post in on Freeya, but we'll need a large consortium of items to pull off this art show so if you've got something especially average, we'd love to put it in the show! Send us a message at and we can coordinate.

Scenes from The Art of the Free, 2022. You Don't Have to Spend Eddie Money.

Coming Up!

  • Billboards around Portland and Seattle. Let us know if you see them!
  • More business partnerships from some familiar and some new. Seattle, Atlanta and Portland—Follow us on @freeyamarketplace to track the haps.
  • Freeya-bies for app store reviews! If you love the latest version of Freeya, leave a review in the app store. It helps a ton! Leave App Store Review Leave Google Play Review We'll send you something too!
  • Refer a friend! Or heck, refer 5! We're offering free memberships to folks who sign up and post an item within 24 hours. Refer a Friend
  • And finally, remember to post this weekend to be entered to win our Hobbies Refresh Giveaway! my next Freeya! Thanks @reallyverycrunchy, we get you.
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