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Issue #24

Pumpkin Spice Weekend Giveaway - Enter to win $100 gift card!

The Guardian is asking why America sells 138,000 pumpkin spice things. We're may have some around the house that are ready to move on. Illustration by Rita Liu .

You have too much or too little pumpkin spice in your life?!

This weekend's giveaway is here to help you get what you need from PSL fever. In honor of the Pumpkin Spice

Latte's 20th anniversary, we're here to help you kick off fall as your best self. Candles, coffees, crafts, cozy sweaters? Let's rotate! Free yourself and give something to the community this weekend!

Why not trade in the mushrooms for something new-to-you? Give it a go on Freeya this weekend!

Don't like fall or anything PSL related? You're not alone. You'll still be entered to win with any posts you make during the giveaway period, this weekend from 9/15 thru 9/17. See official rules for details.

THANK YOU, for touching the art

...and our hearts! Huge thanks to all of you who were able to come out to our second annual Art of the Free. Thanks to you, 326 orphaned-items had the night of their lives. Art, musical instruments, pants, plants, teapots and tissue holders—you gave these treasures more time to be treasured. Want to show us what you're treasuring? Upload a photo here!

326 orphaned-items had the night of their lives at The Art of the Free. Once forgotten, then displayed like royalty, and now resting in their new home. Thank you thank you thank you for giving all these treasures more time to be treasured. Photos by Sung Kokko Photography

TLDR: The Art of the Free is a gallery installation showcasing the lost art of salvaging free goods. The art show features free items from the community displayed like valuable art. In an unexpected twist, the show allows any attendee to take a free item with them when they leave. The items rotate in and out all night, in a live display of the power of the circular economy.

We'd like to thank our sponsors one last time, Botanica , ReBuilding Center , Gurton's Plant Shop , ChipDrop and Portland Child Art Studio . Thank you for your donations to the show!

This beauty made it to its new forever home on Tuesday and can you believe your eyes!! There's so much joy in knowing that Freeya helped connect this person and this piano. Twinkle sparkle wow so cool. PS. The new owner is currently soliciting name suggestions. Drop us your best and brightest.

Congratulations Cait!

Cait won our Back to School Giveaway last weekend. Thanks to Cait's posts, a couple of families are strolling through Portland, OR safe and in style. Kid stuff can get so expensive and is rarely used to it's full life span—these are so helpful, thank you!
Ready for anything! Congratulations and thank you for sharing, Cait!

Neighborhood Spotlight on ARIUM BOTANICALS in PDX!

We are thrilled to share that you'll be seeing more Arium in the Freeya feed this month. Arium is a houseplant shop based out of Portland, OR owned by Tylor Rogers and Anthony Sanchez (...of course, we all know it's so much more).

In Latin, Arium means "a space or vessel that contains something."

Our interpretation of the word Arium, a wonderful jungle for the community and plant lovers to come and feel at home free of judgement. We firmly believe there is a plant out there for everyone.Our space is a welcoming place for learning and geeking out about plants. We are proud to be a space for everyone, from beginners all the way to avid collectors.

We're at home with their focus on small businesses and makers and we welcome this partnership with big wide open arms. Now go get yourself some plant babies on Freeya and visit this slice of paradise here in Portland. If you're not in Portland but still want to enjoy the magic, check out their Instagram or you can order some plants, here .

Coming Up!

  • WHO LIKES (FREE) LEMONADE!?! We do, and we like you. So swing on down to the Hall Tool parking lot in SE Mill and Grand Ave in Portland, OR on Wednesday, 9/20 on your way home and we'll make your commute just a lil sweeter! You'll see more details about this as it gets closer, on the socials.
  • Found something cool on Freeya and want to tell us about it? Now you can Upload a photo and we'll share the love. I love knowing when my underutilized wares move on to a better life. And seeing it is like icing on the cake. Let's show the people!
  • Billboards around Portland and Seattle! Have you seen her, Tell me have you seen 'er?
  • More business partnerships from some familiar and some new. Seattle, Atlanta and Portland—Follow us on @freeyamarketplace to track the haps.
  • We're always making updates to the app with bug fixes. Check to be sure you're on the latest and greatest!
  • Freeya-bies for app store reviews! If you love the latest version of Freeya, leave a review in the app store. It helps a ton! Leave App Store Review Leave Google Play Review We'll send you something too!
  • Refer a friend! Or heck, refer 5! We're offering free memberships to folks who sign up and post an item within 24 hours. Refer a Friend
  • And finally, remember to post this weekend to be entered to win our Pumpkin Spice Don't-Be-Latté Giveaway!
We don't love this picture of ourselves but we do love y'all. A toast to you! For showing up in the Freeya feed everyday and keeping things growing!
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