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Issue #28

Game on Giveaway - Enter to win $100 gift card!

Clear the Clutter, Share the Fun!

As the cooler weather approaches, it's time to declutter those closets and make space for cozy days ahead. If you have games, cards, or puzzles that are gathering dust, it's time to set them free! Whether it's a game you never play, one your kids have outgrown, or the puzzle you just can't seem to finish, there's someone out there eager to give them a new home.

Post your games, cards, or puzzles on the Freeya app, between 11/10 - 11/12 and you'll not only clear space but also have a chance to win $100 during our Game Giveaway Weekend! Yes, you heard that right!

Not a gamer? No biggie! Any item you post on the app during the giveaway period, 11/10-11/12 is entered to win. 1 post = 1 entry! So let's clear the clutter, share the fun, and make someone's day with a new game!

See official rules for details.

Thank you, Portland!

You did good. By setting your stuff free, you gave just a bit of freedom to folx in our community,

We had a great morning dropping off Suitcases & Sneaks at Rose Haven PDX!

Congratulations, Ian!!

Ian is the real MVP! He won our Rose Haven Giveaway and decided to pay it forward donating his winnings to Rose Haven 🙌

Ian is an ultimate Freeya fan. Getting ready for a move he cleared out half his closet! Can you believe it?!

He is thrilled that his stuff is finding new homes in the community all while making his move easier 💛

What type of clothes do lawyers wear? Lawsuits! 😅

Neighborhood Spotlight: Green Flamingo ATL our Friends in ATLANTA!

Plant Enthusiasts Rejoice!

Get ready to meet the plant paradise that's taking root in the heart of Atlanta. Say hello to the Green Flamingo, your new favorite plant shop in Virginia-Highland!

Stepping into the Green Flamingo is like entering a lush, green wonderland. This vibrant shop is home to an incredible array of plants that will not only brighten up your living space but also your spirits. Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or just getting started, you'll find a botanical buddy that suits your style.

But here's the coolest part: The Green Flamingo is not just about selling plants; they're also about giving back to the community! They've partnered with Freeya to host weekly plant giveaways until the end of the year. That's right, you could be the lucky recipient of a new leafy friend, courtesy of this fabulous shop. All you have to do is keep an eye on Freeya and get ready to claim your plant. It's the perfect way to bring some extra green into your home while supporting a fantastic local business.

So if you're in Atlanta and want to embark on a plant-filled adventure, make sure to swing by the Green Flamingo. Or, just keep an eye on Freeya for your chance to score some plant magic. Green thumbs, unite!

Let's Talk About 'Come Anytime' Pickups

'Come Anytime' Pickups - it's as convenient as it sounds! Simply post your items and others can pick them up at their convenience. No messaging required.

This week we're talking about Come Anytime pickups, the bread and butter of the Freeya service—the feature that really makes Freeya stand above the rest of the free marketplace services (in our opinion).

Come Anytime pickups are contactless by nature. You don't have to be home when the item gets picked up—you just need to be sure you leave that item where another Freeya user can pick it up. Likely, it's the same place where your Uber Eats driver sets your food delivery, or where packages are delivered. No messaging is required for these pickups.

Set it and forget it with Come Anytime posts / pickups!

Want to know more?? Here's the TLDR on Come Anytime:

  • When Posting an item, make sure to place it in an easy to find location on your property. Be sure to include notes in your pickup details describing where people can find them.
  • When picking up an item, your pickup will begin as soon as you click 'Pick Up'. You'll have 2 hours by default [3 hours if you're a Pro Member!] And you can also buy more time for $0.99 per additional hour.
  • Before you commit to picking up the item, you can use the map view in the item details to get a sense of the general location where the item is located. Also, the approximate distance is given, relative to whatever location you're using to view the feed. (Update the location using the Filter button in the feed). Distances are straight line, not driving distance. The exact address will be shared with you as soon as you click the 'Pick up' button.
  • Messaging is not available for Come Anytime pickups. We know this is limiting, and there are certain circumstances where folks might benefit from messaging. If you're posting items and you like the messaging feature, use Plan Ahead (Scheduled) pickup styles instead.
  • If you have a general question about the item (how big is it, does it work, what size are they, etc) you can use the Q&A feature in the item details. Once your question is answered it will be visible to other users as well!
  • All items in the feed are more than likely still available, so no need to ask the person if it's still available. 4% of items get marked missing / unavailable during pickups, and we're working hard to make this number even lower!.
  • Did you pick it up? Please confirm your pickup before it expires! This is extremely important to help keep things running smoothly. You can also cancel a pickup at any time during the pickup window, no problem-o.
  • If you have any issues during a pickup or need to reach the other person, use the 'Report a Problem' feature in the app, or send an email to .
  • Come Anytime pickups aren't great for folks living in large apartment buildings with locked access, or gated communities. Instead, you'll want to use the Plan Ahead pickup style, and arrange to meet people when they pick up their stuff. Alternatively, you could talk with your building manager and see if there is a public area on the property that could be designated for Freeya pickups.

Finally, safety and reliability are our top goals when it comes to all of the pickup styles. We're working hard to increase the reliability of the app. We want all pickups to be successful, and we're working on new updates to make sure that all items in the feed are available and easy to find. If you ever experience any issues, please use the Report a Problem feature in the app, or send us an email at . We usually get back within a day or two.

Haps with the App!

  • 🏡 Canadian users are having issues getting addresses to work in the app. Fix for that coming in the next couple of days!
  • 🦸 Freeya will always be free! But if you crave super powers, go PRO for extended pick up times and more. Details here !
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  • ✨ Share your awesome Freeya finds with #foundonfreeya on Instagram or Tik Tok and give us a tag @freeyamarketplace!
♟️ And finally, remember to post in the app this weekend, 11/10-11/12 to be entered to win our Game On Giveaway!🧩
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