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Issue #29

What's Better Than a Discount? FREE!

Embrace #NoNewStuff this Black Friday Weekend with Freeya! Join us in shifting your mindset towards a more sustainable lifestyle and create a thriving circular economy. Instead of hitting the stores, hop onto your Freeya App and discover a world of FREE treasures waiting for you!

As you gear up for the holiday season, it's the perfect time to declutter and make space for new memories. Whether it's that old vacuum, TV, or recliner you're upgrading, Freeya is your go-to platform to give these items a second life and brighten a neighbor's day!

Spread the joy of #NoNewStuff and experience the fulfillment of giving and getting on Freeya.

Still have the urge to spend $$$?! Keep reading for the perfect plan we've cooked up.

Give!Guide X Freeya (I'm squealing!!)

Donate to Give!Guide by Dec 31 and you'll receive a FREE Freeya Pro Membership for a year!. Plus, enjoy perks like a free taco from ¿Por Qué No? and a bagel from Henry Higgins.

While the incentives are awesome, and you know we can't pass up a good perk , your donation supports vital work in our local Portland community.

Keep reading to hear why we are so excited to be a part of this campaign!

  • Since 2004 the Give!Guide has raised more than $56 million for hundreds of local nonprofits
  • Last year alone, G!G raised $8,154,083 for 235 organizations
It is incredible to be able to support the Give!Guide this year and we hope you'll join us in choosing to donate to a cause that speaks to you.

Learn more about Give!Guide click here !

And, remember, when you donate we'll celebrate your generosity by gifting YOU our Freeya Pro Membership for a year! Giving you expanded access to the Freeya App. Learn more about Freeya Pro here

Congratulations, Katrina!!

You won $100! Thanks for joining in on our weekend giveaway. We hope you enjoyed trying something new!
Grateful to have you in our community! 💚

Whoa, Who's That Behind Freeya's Social?

Hey Freeya Fam! 🌟 It's me, Nadya, your go-to gal for all things social at Freeya.

When not spreading the Freeya love you can find me managing projects at a local Portland, ad agency. While I now call Portland home. I grew up in Alaska and have lived all across the PNW.

I’m highly enthusiastic about all things FREE (or second hand!). Who doesn’t love a steal of a deal, am I right? My favorite item(s) that I’ve scored for free are cute mugs (check the post ), a sideboard - dreamy, and snow chains!

I love how Freeya prevents usable items from reaching landfills and directly connects them with people in your community, maybe even your neighbor(!), ensuring they find a new purpose.

From one gal easily distracted by free stuff to you, consider this an invitation to chat, share, and make Freeya even more amazing together!

Hi! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

Meet our App Developers, Silverpine!

Learn more about Silverpine here !

In the realm of technology and innovation, creativity is the name of the game. For Portland's very own Silverpine, a software company, it's the driving force behind their remarkable work. What truly sets Silverpine apart is their knack for making the complex seem simple.

With over two decades of experience Silverpine’s team of engineers, designers, and imaginative problem-solvers transform innovative ideas into user-friendly apps. With a strong focus on enhancing lives, they've taken our vision for Freeya and made it a reality, reshaping the idea of community sharing.

In the (almost) two years we've been working with Silverpine, they've helped us merge technology with community values. Their experiential insights have guided us through tricky technical challenges.

They've not only made building an app look easy, but they've also made it enjoyable. It’s been a dream to partner with Silverpine!

Haps with the App!

  • 🏡 Canadian users are having issues getting addresses to work in the app. Fix for that coming in the next couple of days!
  • 🦸 Freeya will always be free! But if you crave super powers, go PRO for extended pick up times and more. Details here !
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Wishing you a happy start to the holiday season this week.

✨ Thanks for being on this ride with us. We are so grateful for you, our community, and all the free stuff you give & get! ✨

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