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As you're preparing your home for the holiday season, have you spotted extra decor items like ornaments, menorahs, lights, candles, dreidels, or wreaths? Maybe a few pieces you won't be using this year?

Set those unused holiday items free! There's someone out there with a festive vision waiting for what you've got.

Post your holiday decor and seasonal gadgets on the Freeya app between 12/08 - 12/10 to be entered in our weekend giveaway.

No holiday decor to part with? Any item you post on the app this weekend will enter you in our giveaway.

1 post = 1 entry to win $100!

Download the app , create an account, and get posting to participate. No purchase necessary. See details here .

CONGRATS, Freeya Community!!

For NOT buying over 100 new things over Black Friday weekend. We loved seeing what you posted!


Freeya's got you covered!

We’re all about folx getting what they need for free. There’s enough to go around, ammiright!? To that end, we support In Search Of requests but approach this community feature a little bit differently than other free marketplaces. Here's how we’re magically helping the community get the things that they need the most:

  1. When you search for something in the feed, or create a search alert, we aggregate that information. Translation please? We strip out your personal info and store the key search phrases, along with the relative location where you were searching.

  2. Once a month, we send you a personalized version of this data. You may have seen it slide through your inbox, SUBJECT: Neighborhood Needs. Think of this as a wish list from your neighbors! Or, an anonymous collection of ISOs around you.

  3. If many of you are searching for the same thing, those search phrases will bump to the top.

  4. If you want to see your monthly Neighborhood wishlist, check your Notification Preferences, and make sure you have the 'Marketing' option turned on.

We hope this helps you understand our approach to ISO requests on Freeya. If you have ideas about features, drop us a line. We like getting feedback from you!


Michelle is living her best Freeya life with the Freeya Pro Membership!

By unlocking the power of Pro, she's able to set multiple search alerts for her must-have items. No need to hit the stores - Michelle is on the hunt, Freeya style.

LEARN ABOUT A PRO POWER: Multiple Saved Searches

  • When you’re just a regular Freeya user (we still love you!) you can only save 1 search alert. With the Pro Membership, you can save up to 25 search alerts!

  • And, with each saved search alert you’ll get notified 30 minutes before non-members to get a head start on those treasures.

Freeya Pro Membership Here


Here are our top tips on keeping them ALIVE!

1. Start Smart: Choose plants that match your commitment level. If you're forgetful, go for low-maintenance options. My favorites are jade and spider plants.

2. Sunlight Check: Understand your plant's sunlight needs. Most plants love sunshine, but some are cool with lower light. Rotate them for an even tan!

3. Hydration Hacks: Overwatering is a no-no. Consider an app, like Planta (this is not a sponsored ad!!) to remind you when to water each of your different plants.

4.Soil Selection: Happy plants start with good soil. Choose a potting mix tailored to your plant's preferences. Avoid suffocating the roots.

5. Trim and Treat: Give your plants a spa day by pruning away yellowing and dead leaves. And, don't forget to dust their leaves!

Are you a Freeya Pro Member? Use your Pro Powers to set up multiple saved searches and saved search alerts for items like Plants, Watering Can, Pots, Grow Lights, and so on - to be notified before everyone else when these items are posted in your area!

Support your local community non-profits!


We’ve teamed up with Willamette Week’s Give!Guide to make your donating this season the most impactful!

When you donate to non-profits through Give!Guide, you’ll be rewarded with incredible perks including a FREE Freeya Pro Membership for one year.

Donate here by 12/31

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✨ We can't wait to see your winter and holiday decor on the app this weekend! Post between 12/8 - 12/10 ✨
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