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Issue #04


  • Fresh air at Steve's house this week! Thanks to Solabee , Steve's household will be breathing in cleaner air.
  • Who is going to claim this #foundonfreeya shed?? Maybe we need to organize a work party.
  • Did you give something a new home this week? We'd love to see what you've #foundonfreeya. Find us @freeyamarketplace.
Steve outside of Solabee NW

Prizes and Giveaways and Free Stuff, Oh my!

Looks like Christmas came early at Sarah's place! Sarah took home the World Famous Nugget Couch this week and I'm predicting a few free hours in her schedule this week. She was entered to win simply by posting and picking up free stuff in the app. Seriously! And there is still plenty of time for you to win other amazing free stuff.

Finn has plans.
Around HQ, we call this the Freeya Car. We're very ready to call this your car! Details here.

Want to know more about these big-ticket giveaways, like said 'car,' a 2013 Nissan Leaf!? Check out the nitty gritty at In the meantime, keep posting and picking up items and you'll be well on your way to winning! This week, a lucky Freeya user will take home a new set of wheels

This RadPower Cargo Bike is going to change your life!

Our partnerships are wrapping up. You'll see some final freebies sprinkled through Freeya this week. Speaking of things coming to a close...our summer billboards may be coming down, but Freeya is just getting started!

It's just about time to say GOODBYE to our beloved billboards!

Map View (RECAP!)

Did you know you can view your Freeya feed in map format!? You can! Just tap the icon to the left of the mochi menu to change how you experience Freeya items.

Did You Know!? TLDR

  1. Standard Pick-Up (aka Porch Pick-up, aka Contactless Pick-up). This is the "set it and forget it" option. The poster sets the item outside and someone comes to scoop it at their convenience. Read more here .
  2. Contact Required Pick-Up (aka Scheduled Pick-up). Use this option for items that need to stay inside or if you need to know when someone is coming to get it. Read more here .
  3. Free For All (aka The Free Pile). Use this option if you have a pile of items and don't have time to post each one individually. Or, if all items are on the side of a busy road. Read more here .
Example of a Standard Post. Notice the simple "Pick Up" button.

What’s coming?

  • We had a bit of Covid hit the workforce so we made time for some chicken soup and hella bizarre fever dreams.
  • There is a new Question & Answer feature coming soon. This will allow you to ask a question about someone's item. When the person answers, it will be made public.
  • More Giveaway winners! The RadRunner Plus electric cargo bike is up next. Then the electric guitar AND THEN THE ELECTRIC CARRRRR!!!!
  • Around & around & around. Keep the #foundonfreeya treasures coming!
  • Keep telling your friends and of course, drop a note to if you’re experiencing any issues. We’re standing by!
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